Saturday, December 12, 2009


Wow i..didnt update for november at all. sorry guys, lots of fun turmoil. theres doodles though i guess. though everythings a doodle at this point. ahwerr.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


quickie little blacklightish post from oc doodles..
this is sorta creepy
2 headed baby!!!..sometimes manlygum is deeply interested..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


hhhhhhhgnghgn okay ive got some stuff to post after..what...two months or something? only real reason is my good friend Ally (check out her music..its good) has been wanting to oc...i cant say ive got much of a drive elsewhere. school sucks. but thats not..a surprise really. the only thing that really makes me feel better about being hated by most of my age group is the fact we dont have to pay tuition anymore. i really dont know where or what my parents would be like if we were still forking over that money. they yell enough, you know? but yeah..enough of that. thank god for the friends i do have. In all seriousness i'd be dead in a ditch somewhere without those guys, 4real.
ANNNNYWAY. stuff begins now.

we'll start with this cause its the oc that got shit on track. inspired by the greatest song ever
and now some impish trollops. im happy with these, actually. different style for me
always has to be one moody one
and then buddy holly happened. and something else. I just like the one in the middle
these look funny ontop of eachother
a special moment
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i really really like psychonauts. like really. ee e-ee.

Monday, September 28, 2009


sorry for the x-treme lack of anything.  I've seemed to have lost my ability to draw anything decent, a long with some other skills. My motivation is at an all time low. I'd hate to have such a baww post but i'm seriously sinking further into stupid depression themed tendencies every day. I hate being so moody, i really do. I hate being lonely at school. I hate coming home and only wanting to sleep. I also hate sucking at my job all of a sudden and i esPECIALLY hate coldsores that pop up out of nowhere
tl;dr, bawwwoooo i'm just trying to turn things around. hopefully soon for everyones sake.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is gonna suck

no really.
just some. really hodgepodge crap. i'm back in school and haven't felt like drawing anything. I chanced taking art class again and it was literally the same curriculum as my other school...both years.. I can't do more printmaking. i might shit.
also me and the boothing have been terribly terribly back in to harry potter. particularly the third one. mm professor lupin, amirite?
but yeah. thats why theres so much hp crap. also your fault Katie

the boo dyed her hair brrrrrrrrown

why must i cry why must i cry why

a luna lovegood just cause i got the vigor to attempt to draw her. radish ball dress
and while im harassing things rice related this happened also. cause i do like drawing skadithis was mostly for practice with this sort of colouring. specifically the nose and mouth. the eyes i didnt even try to make good. i just didnt want an eyeless face

annnnnnnnnnd another flyer for work.

Monday, July 20, 2009

oohhh liaamm

llord. hey guys, I am tired tired tired right now... not much has been happening honestly. just work and blah. a few doodles to show. yawwnn
first up some fruit people
flyer i did for work. a bit generic but idkk
the sexiest voiced pairing EVER!!! liam neeson and alan rickman
my cat buttercup. he expresses his hatred for his name with his favourite hobby
and some kissu
END. so tiredd

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

how fresh

LOORDDD I am too tired for everything right now. especially drawing. I've got a few pictures from work, i guess i never show irl pictures so ill give a bit of insight. My buttercock'd friend pointed out once i dont ever share pictures of myself. so yeah. and there is one drawing i guess


i actually really love our aprons. they make me appear skinnier than what is true


SHIT YEAH I DECORATED THESE FUCKS. which was fun cause we basically have to go out and steal. leaves. we find. I chose some cute ones i think. I wish the masks themselves looked nicer but we havent gotten the shipment yet since its monday.

these are for old people-i mean. "mature" skin. yyeah.
yeah fuck look at that. I have a lot of fun washing hands and fighting paraben idiots.
also i died my hair

I dye it that colour a lot but idk. im digging it dark. Im obsessed with the song Geraldine by Donovan. One of the most beautiful simple songs ever in my opinion. fuck the covers of it though, seriously. i bring this up cause one of the lines is WITH HAIR COAL BLACK AS A RAVEEEENNNN ectttt
i am a mass of gay.

and lastlyyy

this is hiyashida. he is from an anime called Cromartie High. it's very very good and can be summed up in the opening alone

but okay, im good now. ill be back with some more....well...entertaining things later . maybe. if im ever productive again