Tuesday, February 23, 2010

im tired

tired tired tired. but what else is new? not a lot to show. I got an updated version of the drawing program i already have but its giving me problems so i dont know how long thatll last. however i wanna thank Katie Nice for giving me that kreativ blog award. Katie is awesome!
i think both these girls are zelda art inspired
this is from a month ago but i think i forgot to upload it
ugh relic of past life
thats all

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


HI. i don't have a lot to say. other than i really like zelda. but it gets to that point where it becomes too hard and i give up. ive reached that with the twilight princess but i did enjoy what i could defeat. also if youre wondering why there are too drawings of the same thing i had a weird brain lapse and created both on seperate occaisions. hhhhhhhhhhrg

admittedly link is my videogame dreamboat. mm

yes i believe this to be a smooth transistion to monkeeland

no shame
my bff4lyf ally. i like her arms. she doesn't like that