Monday, May 25, 2009


nevertobecompleted mermaidthing
I'M ALIVE BARELY..not dead yet, to be exact. i come bearing really weird doodles. mostly cause i'm tired, partly cause i've been in a strange mood. I turned sixteen thursday and it was pretty uneventful. i don't care about birthdays, but a tiny little bratty part of my teenaged heart wished something special did happen. unfortunately that special something was my grandma having a stroke and anything we were gonna do being cancelled. ah well, nuff' about life. Heres some crap for you all (get your tissues, Tapan)

FIRST. centaurs. i really like them. you should too.

some weird flower girl. i lost interest after the upper body
cryogenic citrus
freddie mercury wearing a betty boop hat. only frank gets this
something i drew in a moment of not thinking about what my hand was doing

OKAY thats it for now. now i must go pray for the sweet angel of death/andorsleep to get one of those two things cause i am TIRED.

p.s. to all of you who wished me a happy birthday THANK YOU. it meant a lot, believe me.