Saturday, December 12, 2009


Wow i..didnt update for november at all. sorry guys, lots of fun turmoil. theres doodles though i guess. though everythings a doodle at this point. ahwerr.



Frank Macchia said...

nothing beats the quick and dirty doodles.

I can't tell you how much i like that zombie mermaid.

a lot.

Katie said...

I love seeing people's weird doodles. Your stuff makes me happy. I was gonna do a Skadi with nasty mermaids, but you beat me to it! said...

@Katie: Yeah me too. To me doodles sorta show the true underlying things to everyones srs drawings. ive got no idea why. ive just got tons of weird crap like this hiding on my hardrive.
And PSHPSH. Do it anyway. You'd draw some really cool selkies

ktd said...

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