Monday, September 28, 2009


sorry for the x-treme lack of anything.  I've seemed to have lost my ability to draw anything decent, a long with some other skills. My motivation is at an all time low. I'd hate to have such a baww post but i'm seriously sinking further into stupid depression themed tendencies every day. I hate being so moody, i really do. I hate being lonely at school. I hate coming home and only wanting to sleep. I also hate sucking at my job all of a sudden and i esPECIALLY hate coldsores that pop up out of nowhere
tl;dr, bawwwoooo i'm just trying to turn things around. hopefully soon for everyones sake.


Nico said...

i am just about in the same boat with you. i don't like my job at all. and when I get off, all I have energy for is getting into my pajamas. i used to make stuff, like videos and whatnot. but lately I just have just no energy or motivation for it :( so, know that you aren't alone

Aisleen said...

Aw....Im sorry you're so down sweetie!! Everyone has those times....and like Nico said, I'm also going home and getting into my pjs and not doing anything really. Maybe its this time of year for everyone.

You should pchat!! Scour the interwebs and pchat cuz you're AMAZING at those, and they're good for cheering up :3 !