Tuesday, July 7, 2009

how fresh

LOORDDD I am too tired for everything right now. especially drawing. I've got a few pictures from work, i guess i never show irl pictures so ill give a bit of insight. My buttercock'd friend pointed out once i dont ever share pictures of myself. so yeah. and there is one drawing i guess


i actually really love our aprons. they make me appear skinnier than what is true


SHIT YEAH I DECORATED THESE FUCKS. which was fun cause we basically have to go out and steal. leaves. we find. I chose some cute ones i think. I wish the masks themselves looked nicer but we havent gotten the shipment yet since its monday.

these are for old people-i mean. "mature" skin. yyeah.
yeah fuck look at that. I have a lot of fun washing hands and fighting paraben idiots.
also i died my hair

I dye it that colour a lot but idk. im digging it dark. Im obsessed with the song Geraldine by Donovan. One of the most beautiful simple songs ever in my opinion. fuck the covers of it though, seriously. i bring this up cause one of the lines is WITH HAIR COAL BLACK AS A RAVEEEENNNN ectttt
i am a mass of gay.

and lastlyyy

this is hiyashida. he is from an anime called Cromartie High. it's very very good and can be summed up in the opening alone

but okay, im good now. ill be back with some more....well...entertaining things later . maybe. if im ever productive again 


Nico said...

haha awesome! No way dogg, I don't think it's the apron... you look fantastic! You look different, I think you've definitely lost some weight. yay Brie!!!

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

ffffff. well honestly like that job is one hell of a workout. we dont have a working sink so between scuttling around the floor i gotta run up a flight of stairs carrying large amounts of water to replenish the supply. idk i feel like i have but then again i have no scale. thats the better way to do it though

Niki said...

I seen that Cromartie High afore'. I's funny to look at.

San Smith said...

ahhh - I just started getting into lush's products, they are fantastic! I kinda want to work there over the holidays.

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

FFF well man go for it, honestly they pay well and they have fun little things that go on from day to day. it's all very interesting. pays good and of course 50% off everything!

Damion009 said...

super super awesome!!! LOL!!