Monday, July 20, 2009

oohhh liaamm

llord. hey guys, I am tired tired tired right now... not much has been happening honestly. just work and blah. a few doodles to show. yawwnn
first up some fruit people
flyer i did for work. a bit generic but idkk
the sexiest voiced pairing EVER!!! liam neeson and alan rickman
my cat buttercup. he expresses his hatred for his name with his favourite hobby
and some kissu
END. so tiredd


Frank Macchia said...

YES...i was wondering when you were gonna post the fruity girls...i love the raspberry hairs

congrats on the lush flyer too...simple but beautiful... weve had this convo before haha...if youre gonna draw a better be fucking good...and THAT is a fucking good reminds me of the yellow submarine designs for some reason.

inspirational work as usgh brie. we gotta catch up eh?

MB's been keepin me busy. we shall discuss.

Tapan Gandhi said...

first off, that kiwi chick rocks my socks.

secondly, i love the way frank spells "usgh".. the most fitting way i've seen to spell that shortened word

thirdly, you inspire me to draw more!

Frank Macchia said...

haha...i love you tapper.

I always wondered it my "usgh" was getting lost on people.

thank god its not.

and yeah. youre so right. bries work is infectious. you look at it and its so fun and imaginative it makes you wanna pick up the ol' stylus and do some yourself. said...

by the by Tapan I still lol that my email always makes the alerts you commented HIGH RISK!! because you are indian. i tell it you are okay but it doesnt listen....
as for the inspirational thing i'm not sure how gayliamneeson is the embodiement of it.. but i'm glad someone thinks so.
p.s. Tapan your film was really good..i'm telling you here before i forget. ( you were good too, frank)


Frank Macchia said...

enjoyed my creepy british narration skills eh?

Katie said...

YAY!! These are favorite is Alan Rickman in the throes of passion with his tiny hands... said...

hhh oh lordd. Please tell me you've noticed those tiny little nubs alan rickman calls hands. he is such a woman. I have a hard time not staring at them in harry potter ;-;

Bernardo said...

that cat, i know how he feels.

well, i think i'll stay a little longer to lisen some music :D said...

but Bernardo is a sexxxy name......buttercup will never know sexiness. only rape.

and fffff. listen away fine sir

FerdinandKreozot said...

hey there, your work is awesome!
For a 16 Y.O. you rock. Hell, you rock for any age.
Your work makes me think you would really enjoy Kirsten's neat blog:
She is one of my favourite girl-artists.
Cheers to your skill,

Milenko said...

ooh, mo believe me i know about her. Shes my favourite girl artist. So underrated. Shes just wonderful. lovelove everything about her.
and ff, thank you ;; i try.. <3

Nico said...


ahahhahaa nice ones

Miss Withers's Draws said...