Thursday, October 29, 2009


quickie little blacklightish post from oc doodles..
this is sorta creepy
2 headed baby!!!..sometimes manlygum is deeply interested..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


hhhhhhhgnghgn okay ive got some stuff to post after..what...two months or something? only real reason is my good friend Ally (check out her music..its good) has been wanting to oc...i cant say ive got much of a drive elsewhere. school sucks. but thats not..a surprise really. the only thing that really makes me feel better about being hated by most of my age group is the fact we dont have to pay tuition anymore. i really dont know where or what my parents would be like if we were still forking over that money. they yell enough, you know? but yeah..enough of that. thank god for the friends i do have. In all seriousness i'd be dead in a ditch somewhere without those guys, 4real.
ANNNNYWAY. stuff begins now.

we'll start with this cause its the oc that got shit on track. inspired by the greatest song ever
and now some impish trollops. im happy with these, actually. different style for me
always has to be one moody one
and then buddy holly happened. and something else. I just like the one in the middle
these look funny ontop of eachother
a special moment
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i really really like psychonauts. like really. ee e-ee.