Thursday, January 1, 2009

sarah palin in a polar bear suit

idk about the title. something. me and my girlfriend are. discussing right now. for serious.
But yeah
MERRY 200..9? YES. NINE. i think. its another late late night. I can only hope this year is better for me...academics wise. i think 2008 was a really good year for me friendwise and artwise..for the most part
speaking of that though
some. horrible horrible doodles.
sitty girl

this dude who works at our hottopic and is no help at all.

something i doodled a week or so ago for the lovely Kot'n Katie and Kali Kazoo, superniceKali used it as the album art on one of their songs.. though it totes looks nothing like her. i like the katie though..

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd something for the kids

cortits. cause (s)he is a WHINER!!!!!!!

OK IM DONE. i will try to deliver better quality when i am not so sleepy. shmeepy. shmrrrrrrrrrrr


Trevor Thompson said...

Sarah Palin: the politician polar bear with the two retarded kids.

- trevor.

Vanoni! said...

I would totally wreck that chick. said...

Oh, so would I Corby. So would I.

Katie said...

YAAAH So good!! That top drawing is perfect- you really have something amazing going on with your style and color choices. ALSO I love the drawing of me and Kali, I haven't had internet for a while so I am only now saying it. T__T THANK YOU for making us adorable

Your blog is gonna be my favorite in 2009!

P.S. You like nice music said...

Aw.. Thanks, specially since that drawing looks dumb to me. the only part i like is the snurtle (snail+turtle). he has a PURPOSE IN LIFE!!!

the only part of that drawing I like is you ;-; why did i make kali mexican. klexican. kleenex.
YOU GUYS MADE YOURSELVES ADORABLE!!! or. ...genetics. either way.

ff <3

P.S.S. i am happy to know at least one person enjoys it ;-; <3

ryan said...

You're far too good for being this young. Gimme the number to whichever voodoo lord you sold your soul to.

Trevor Thompson said...


- trevor.

PS: Please? said...

@ryan- sorry, it was gypsies.... they dont have phones. just go hang out by the traintracks, they will be by soon.
P.s. Thank you <3 ;-; it means a bunch

@trevor- MORE OF WHAT GOD.

Nico said...

wow! they can't get enough of you Brie

CaseyBug said...

HAHA! I love Cortits!

Can I buy you? You're the best :)
-CBC said...

@nico- Man i know right they are going to be so disappointed at my notsoprolificnesss.
also the word verifacation on this comment is "rektane" i read it as rectum ;-;

@casey- YES!! you can, im pretty cheap.

CaseyBug said...

Sa-weet deal!
I just purchased myself a brie.
Am I ganna have to assemble you myself like Ikea furniture? said...

yeah, ikea's the only place that sells me. i am a quarter swedish, afterall.

youll need a lot of glue..

Trevor Thompson said...

More, you know... More....

More often than naught ( or not ), I want to see moral decadence.... but if there's some scribbles of boobs layin' around, hey, that's cool too!

- trevor.

PS: I just purchased some of you at a snobby white cracker store. Incidentally, you're great on a cracker.

Nico said...

haha because your name is brie like the cheese.

- nico.