Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ok so I think i've been up 24 hours...im not really sure, honestly. I'm a bit delirious. but uh. yeah. some doodles. first some linelesscolours practice (its really hard to do in my drawing program cause there isnt. any opacity. youve gotta make new layers for bloody everything) uh my first. facebook graffitti. and an older picture i made of roger waters from memory.just to. spice things up.
but yeah. HENHOY.
also blogger actually let me put my music up..neat. though its pretty much 75% barenaked ladies. cause. they are all i seem to listen to anymore. THEY ARE THE MELODY OF MY LIFE I TELL YOU WHAT


Frank Macchia said...

haha, i was honourd to have the glowing umbilical cord of justice grace my wall


trevor thompson said...

Boobies and Napoleon Dynamite. Good times!

- trevor.

Brie215@hotmail.com said...


and there is no garauntee that baby is gunna grow up to be napoleon.......

Nico said...

This blog is getting a titty-bit crowded! People, I think we need to keep our wits abreast of us. Especially you Brie Brie, you're late-night shenanigans are starting to create fun bags under my eyes. I mean it's like someone's at the door and won't stop pounding the knockers, you know?


Vanoni! said...

This post doesn't have a picture of me in it.
Please fix this as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Vanoni! said...

Also - you draw niiiiiiiiiiice.

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

@Nico- whats sad is i totally read over all the puns. the first two times i read your comment.

@corbutt- you are a whore. there are no whores in my blog. >:( p.s. thanks.

Trevor Thompson said...

You're as big a fan as I of opulent pink orbs.

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve, Brie!

- trevor.

Vanoni! said...

More drawings of me and more drawings of boobs.

Feel free to combine the two.