Sunday, January 11, 2009


HELLOOOOOOO CHIPPES!!! i come bearing gay. lots. and lots of gay. but theres some hetero at the end, i swear.

first off some XTREMEMLY homosexual myspace graffiti doodles. if you dont have a box you should GET ONE!!!
his favourite flavour is vanilla

eyyyyyyyyy' brit. lets bake a cake

possibly my gayest drawing to date. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend ridin' around in dick land....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

and some shameless skadi doodle to make up for the homosexuality (p.s. thanks for the link on your blog katie, that means a bunch!)anddddddddd some doodle my computer crashed on. idk.

TA FOR NOW. hope your 2009 is being FRUITFUL.


Frank Macchia said...

I feel my heterosexuality dwindling a bit from this post...mission accomplished Charles

the dick land thing is great...send it to the who...that needs to be like a greatest hits album cover or some shit

haha was it at all inspired by our convo about the dickesode??

as usgh amazing work brie. your stuff isnt just amazingly well done...but it has entertainment value up the ying yang.

good enough comment for ya?

CaseyBug said...

Dicks with bow ties!
I read about you possibly drawing that haha :D said...


@Casey: oh god you comment stalker, ahahahahaha. yeah. they kept commenting me like DRAW DICKS after i told. one of them. to draw dicks. its all very complicated

Nico said...

this post makes me laugh and even tingle a little. you know exactly what a girl wants to see!

Trevor Thompson said...

I really like that bottom one. I hope you finish it!

- trevor. said...

@NICO- you are gay, i <3 u.

@TREVOR- i wont. no layers, plus it is shitty.

Nico said...

sheesh, FINALLY someone just comes out and says it for me. I was afraid I'd have to friggen spell it out soon!

Kali Fontecchio said...

You're so weird!

I love your Skadi caricatures! said...

I'm normal >:(

Thanks kali! though aha.. how do you chariacture a cartoon? hum.

Trevor Thompson said...

how do you chariacture a cartoon? hum.

Bob Clampett managed to do so, as did John K. Surely, you could.

I like hearing about dreams, mostly cause i dont have any :( or at least i dont remember them.

You don't remember them.

Everyone dreams, because as soon as you hit heavy REM sleep, your pineal gland produces DMT ( dimethyltryptamine ) and some believe that this is what causes you to dream.

Even if it's not DMT that causes it ( depends who you ask... I'd ask Dr. Rick Strassman ), it has been proven that you dream every night, and it's been theorized that if you didn't, you would go crazy.... and say things like "this cool drawing of a pink face is shitty".

- trevor.

PS: Nothing. said...

I. I know about the dream thing :( im not dumb, i just like saying i dont. dream. mostly because i dont sleep long enough to get the chance.

and forgive me if i think the definition of. chariacture is. making a character of something. how do you character a character? i was tired when i read it and it confused the hell out of me.

and yes, shitty.

Trevor Thompson said...

I don't think you're dumb. And you're forgiven.


- trevor.

Nico said...

youre forgiven, brie said...

thank god.

Marlo Meekins said...

that's not very nice, leslie is Hiland's (my costumer's) sister I believe. said...

I didnt say I didnt like her xD I love leslie hall, she is a legend. Gold pants lullaby is my only lullaby..

Vanoni! said...

In this cold weather my nose constantly runs.

I thought it was the cold weather.

Maybe it's all your awesome drawings making me nose splooge.

TURCIOS. said...


Brian Goss said...

Please post more, Brie!

Btw, my word verification was tessessi. That word means: to beg Brie to post more on her awesome blog! :D

Seriously, put some more pics up. ;) said...

yes Brian well my word was FLATIO!!!!! which..idk. is. farting in italian. idkkk

I WILL POST SOMETHING EVENTUALLY i have been so lazy oh god. thanks for the support though, i need all i can get at the moment. ANNDDDD the CAPITALIZED LINK in your blog, it means a bunch <333 ;-;

Brian Goss said...

:D You're SO welcome! I'm looking forward to new Brie fun stuff!

Happy Valentine's Day, btw! <3