Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Arghhhhh..I was in the drawing mood tonight.. but this dumb thing is all i managed. looks like me sorta. whatevs.

I really like moomins

annnnd two little myspace graffiti box things of people i like


ok im done.


Nico said...

more nakkidz!!!!! mucho nakiditty

and, i wish my knees had nipples. BOOM BABY

Marlo Meekins said...

congratulations, these drawings win this trophy U. i love your work

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

THANK YOU BOTH!!! though the. meekins trophy sounds a little skanky, i dont know if i want to keep that on my mantle..

trevor thompson said...

These are all the education you'll need! Screw high school.

By the way, it's been 11 years since I was enrolled in a high school, so I'm a little bit out of touch; does it still suck balls or have they finally introduced my ideals of giving all the artists psychedelic mushrooms and all the jocks entry forms for the Army?

And the cheerleaders the name of a good pimp?

Seriously, not to get off on a rant here, but I hope you're not one of those teenies who goes out dressed in bandaids and a fig leaf only to act surprised when they get a bun in the oven.

Good thing I'm not a parent. I'd tell my daughter if she's gonna leave the house dressed like that she'd better come back with some money.

Hopefully, you're taking your precociousness out on yer drawing pad, what with the tits and dickies and all. Hell, that's what Marlo does. ;)

When you're older I'll show you my cunt drawings.

Just kidding. Seriously, I love what you do, and that fat lady at the top is adorable. I feel I should help her because she's clearly in trouble.

- trevor.

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

..Ummm... I actually go to an all girls private catholic. school. dick isnt even allowed on campus. and ive never had a boyfriend.. so.

Also no they havent done that, Ive never. had an art class to date, so xD' there is one. but i took it last year with a different teacher who only liked to make paper mache and shit.. I actually failed that class.

And thats quite alright.. vags look like sad old men. i just draw girls cause. boys are boring. and clothes are dumb.
And I hope she doesnt look old xD ohh man.

trevor thompson said...

I hate papier mache.

It never looks right when you're done and then you have to clean the kitchen floor whilst looking at your broken dreams in the form of a pasty white mess.

Screw art class.

- trevor.

Frank Macchia said...

first time checkin your blog miss Brie.

amazing stuff. Seriously, my eyes haven't felt this good in a while

youre a fuckin protigy

i tip my hat to you ma'am

Brie215@hotmail.com said...

ff ;-; and i havent gotten a comment that nice in awhile <33 i wouldnt say prodigy though..thanks frank! <33

Vanoni! said...