Wednesday, February 10, 2010


HI. i don't have a lot to say. other than i really like zelda. but it gets to that point where it becomes too hard and i give up. ive reached that with the twilight princess but i did enjoy what i could defeat. also if youre wondering why there are too drawings of the same thing i had a weird brain lapse and created both on seperate occaisions. hhhhhhhhhhrg

admittedly link is my videogame dreamboat. mm

yes i believe this to be a smooth transistion to monkeeland

no shame
my bff4lyf ally. i like her arms. she doesn't like that


Katie said...

Haaaa ha ha ha ha, you crack me up...Link's little leggings are so cute!! I like how his little bare leg and foot look as he puts his pants back on. How far into Twilight Princess did you get? I got to the last castle twice but failed to bring peace to the realm both times. :(

I'm excited every time you post new drawings. LOVE said...

FFFF thank you katie ;-; haha oh god thats the laziest drawing ever. im glad you like it. i've done a ton of midnas in pencil but i cant post that stuff due to smashing my scanner :'c

AND i got to. the Twilight temple. You know, when like that hand. follows you. trying to steal the light ball of importance. Just too hard.



Katie said...

HEY! I nominated you for a "Kreativ Blogger Award". You don't have to follow up on it, but you can check out what it's about on my blog if you want. Go look!!

Saskia said...

Ahaha, oh god ! That Zelda drawings made me laugh all day, thats way to cool. Especially Navi saying "dat ass" absolutely killed me *thumbs up* said...

Ohyes, it is the juiciest of rumps. mm. Thank you so much!