Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is gonna suck

no really.
just some. really hodgepodge crap. i'm back in school and haven't felt like drawing anything. I chanced taking art class again and it was literally the same curriculum as my other school...both years.. I can't do more printmaking. i might shit.
also me and the boothing have been terribly terribly back in to harry potter. particularly the third one. mm professor lupin, amirite?
but yeah. thats why theres so much hp crap. also your fault Katie

the boo dyed her hair brrrrrrrrown

why must i cry why must i cry why

a luna lovegood just cause i got the vigor to attempt to draw her. radish ball dress
and while im harassing things rice related this happened also. cause i do like drawing skadithis was mostly for practice with this sort of colouring. specifically the nose and mouth. the eyes i didnt even try to make good. i just didnt want an eyeless face

annnnnnnnnnd another flyer for work.