Tuesday, February 24, 2009

teeny girly update

just a few things from an oC session with a friend. schools getting better i guess. i hate art class YET AGAIN because seriously what teenager cares about architecture, i mean really. i sure don't. BUT WHUTEVS
my friend drew the blonde girl. oc'ing with her is kinda tough cause oh god she draws awesome naked things :( i know shes like four years older BUT I DONT CARE THE SHAME IS STILL THERE

aaaaaaaaaaand some cavegirl playing with her cat while creeper husband watches on

anywumps. thats it. no more. not so interesting, but im trying to keep this going. ive already lost like three watchers haha. ahwell


Sunday, February 15, 2009


HELLO IM ALIVE!!! sorry for. lack of updates. ive had no drive to do absolutely anything but play Sims and John my ukuluhluh. But yeah. its been. a rough fucking week, i don't know how much more girldrama i can take. i managed to completely break it off with this friend of mine in the course of three days. it needed to be done, but jeeez. the rebound guysss. then some girl had the nerve to get pissed at me for asking for the stuff she took from me like a year ago just cause i asked her mother to make sure it happened. she wrote me a note like "DONT ASK MY MOM FOR FAVORS. NOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM" and im not even speaking to this girl so it was like. holy christ do you have that much free space to worry that you have bother to HAVE A PROBLEM with someone you havent talked to in three months.and it was her own dam n fault for not giving it back to me even when i asked 456454 times. its not like i was out of place or rude, just. christ. i dont know why people hate everything all of a sudden but i am sick of it. ah well. enough of the bitch, time for pictures. and theres a lot of them, so. enjoy i guess

first off. some girly doodles. all one layer things.. for fun.. the red girl is how i feel about now

There was a 7th girl...but i messed up and accidently saved this fatlard over it

quick get the twinkies before he starts crying

then some weird critters..the corbuttuckus vanonius ...otherwise known as the corbeast..it resides in the wooded areas of hairvania.
i call him beefy.

Frunk, cause hes. only been asking for 5242546154614510 years...god it sucks, ill do a better one when i stop being FUNKY.

but yeah. THATS IT FOR THIS GIANT SKANKY ASS POST. hope you all are doing better than i am. blahhh. ill try to not do that whole. notdraw thing. again. but no promises