Tuesday, February 24, 2009

teeny girly update

just a few things from an oC session with a friend. schools getting better i guess. i hate art class YET AGAIN because seriously what teenager cares about architecture, i mean really. i sure don't. BUT WHUTEVS
my friend drew the blonde girl. oc'ing with her is kinda tough cause oh god she draws awesome naked things :( i know shes like four years older BUT I DONT CARE THE SHAME IS STILL THERE

aaaaaaaaaaand some cavegirl playing with her cat while creeper husband watches on

anywumps. thats it. no more. not so interesting, but im trying to keep this going. ive already lost like three watchers haha. ahwell



Nico said...

these are great! i love your girly drawings. "anywumps"!!!!!

you will never lose me as a follower. i will always be RIGHT BEHIND YOU..... c'mon chip chip!

Katie said...

Soooooooo good

Frank Macchia said...

the first drawing of the three girls...the girl on the far left.

gives me chills how beautifully simple that pose is...so good...love that drawing...but as usgh..theyre all gold

CaseyBug said...

Cute stuff! And I don't like architecture either. It hurrrrts.