Monday, May 25, 2009


nevertobecompleted mermaidthing
I'M ALIVE BARELY..not dead yet, to be exact. i come bearing really weird doodles. mostly cause i'm tired, partly cause i've been in a strange mood. I turned sixteen thursday and it was pretty uneventful. i don't care about birthdays, but a tiny little bratty part of my teenaged heart wished something special did happen. unfortunately that special something was my grandma having a stroke and anything we were gonna do being cancelled. ah well, nuff' about life. Heres some crap for you all (get your tissues, Tapan)

FIRST. centaurs. i really like them. you should too.

some weird flower girl. i lost interest after the upper body
cryogenic citrus
freddie mercury wearing a betty boop hat. only frank gets this
something i drew in a moment of not thinking about what my hand was doing

OKAY thats it for now. now i must go pray for the sweet angel of death/andorsleep to get one of those two things cause i am TIRED.

p.s. to all of you who wished me a happy birthday THANK YOU. it meant a lot, believe me.


Damion009 said...

WOW!!! love your work... very soft stuff... hay could you please post the pic you have as your default pic of your self... i would love to draw it... O and take a look at my art if you would like to see how i draw... said...

OH...ff, sure. You draw great as well, thanks for the kind words. i didnt expect this to get seen so quick haha. heres the picture..give it a go

Nico said...

wow, that Boop hat is.. wow.

Love these Brie brie! happy bday, again

Niki said...

I take interest in this flower woman.

Frank Macchia said...

hahaha...huge post. im overwhelmed with good drawings here...the centaurs...beautiful....they turned out great
that last one is pretty ghostly creepy vibe to it.

the best, of course, is the boop hat....i didnt think you could improve on the MSN doodle...but you did...freddies hand is more delicate, and funnier than ever hahaha
that damn dog-faced girl lol.


Tapan Gandhi said...

brie, these are incredible. u are right, looking at those centaurs and ESPECIALLY that star girl really made me whip out that box of kleenex ;)

and although i don't wanna echo everyone else, i too must praise that hilarious betty boop hat. her bubbies are tied in a knot!!! said...

@nico - yeeeep.....its pretty much the latest craze.

@niki- she takes interest in you

@frank- BOOP!!!!

@Tapan- glad you like the star girl toooooo, thats actually my favorite thing here if not for anything but the feet cause i usually dont draw those well.. and frank really dont like her. i dont know why freddie mercury got into it

Kali Fontecchio said...

You're 16??!! And you're better than like most 30 year olds hahahaha. YAY You!