Wednesday, January 6, 2010


HAPPY 2010 THOSE WHO PAY ATTENTION.. I'm hoping for a less mediocre and sad year. good riddance to it, for real. First act of 2010 was quitting my job over at Lush. it's weird how fast companies change when they get desperate. Ah well, Might go back in the summer. but for now it's much more beneficial i think not to be there. I'm a shit juggler anyway, school and work and people just cant be handled. anywho, thanks for sticking with me you guys. You all make this weird life worthwhile.
I like the monkees.
I like the monkees alot. I got the and have been enjoying them. Mike is my favourite, but Peter is a close second. there will be other things at the bottom that arent monkees, just stick with me.
peter has the cutest butt. and it becomes even cuter when covered with a buttflapnessumissu desu~~~

I AM BRILLIANT SHUT UP!!this is stupid and obscure and i dont think anyone will get it (maybe you frank)
this is a super kind picture of micky
/monkees. now some john cleese

awwwww wobbina.
tried do digitally recreate something like those ink pads you ratch at and the colours on the bottom show throughaaaaaaaaaaand fin.