Friday, June 12, 2009

disconnect the dots

HHHHHHHHHHH finally out of school, though i can't say i've. been productive. I got my hands on sims 3, and have been snuffling around for a job. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go take up residence at the local LUSH. For anyone who doesnt know it's an all natural handmade soap and cosmetics store, and one of my favourite favourite places in the world. Next to Anthropologie and Lucky Brand.
BUT ANYWAY a few pictures, not the best. I haven't been drawing much. Methinks the next post i'll try to do some traditional stuff, if anyones interested in seeing all that.
but yes
did this really fast to throw in my portfolio for art which was gay. Sorry its so crappy, but it's suppose to be Sylvie Varton..i think thats how you spell it. Not an avid fan but she's very very cute

annd SCENE